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Welcome to the Kinderwunsch Centrum München!
(Fertility Clinic Munich)

We’re happy to welcome you to our website! You are invited to browse through the following pages, where you will find comprehensive information on the subject of fertility and having a child and on the range of treatment options open to you here at Kinderwunsch Centrum München.

EntranceWhen the desire for a child becomes reality, it is a marvellous gift for the parents and one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer. 

Along the way that leads to this goal, we bring over 30 years of experience to supporting and accompanying you through the stages of treatment in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Our above-average success rate at Kinderwunsch Centrum München is proof that you are in the right place. Our treatment results are reported annually to the German IVF Register (DIR) and are presented in a completely transparent and traceable manner. 

Since 1984, our team has brought over 10,000 children into the world after IVF/ICSI treatment. But in our view, this widespread and frequently performed method of treating involuntary infertility need not always be the first step. 

We are one of the few fertility centers that can offer the full range of available treatments to solve infertility – where necessary, including surgical methods. Our treatment options range from ‘simple’ hormone stimulation to complex surgical endoscopic removal of extensive endometriosis or even very large fibroids. 

We are thus proud of our status among Europe's leading and most experienced fertility centers.

The EmbryoScope

The EmbryoScope is one of the world's most modern and advanced methods of monitoring the development of fertilized oocytes (embryos) by means of single imaging. At the same time, the integrated culture system established by the EmbryoScope enables the fertilized embryos to develop under absolutely consistent ambient conditions from the outset. The temperature, pH value and regulated CO2 / air admixture are all maintained in the optimum conditions required by the embryo.

The critical early development stage of the embryo thus takes place within culture conditions that closely mirror its natural environment within the human body. As is almost always the case in medicine, the principle applies that the more accurately natural conditions can be recreated, the more successful the treatment.  

The integrated microscope enables cell development to be monitored continuously without the need to remove the embryos. This avoids disruption which might otherwise impair embryo development.

In comparison to previous procedures, more favourable preconditions can now be created for suitable cases, which may result in an improved pregnancy rate.